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MRHS WINS BIG at the Ft Bend County Fair Ag Mechanics ContestMRHS WINS BIG at the Ft Bend County Fair Ag Mechanics Contest2017-10-04T20:13:29Z<div class="ExternalClass68EB1736A3304578971F58ACFAC6581C"><h3>​Congratulations to Joshua Carney & Dylan Peak at the Ag Mech Show! They won the following:</h3><h3>Overall Grand Champion with two bale hay trailer</h3><h3>1st in class with two bale hay trailer</h3><h3>2nd in class with dust cap applicator</h3><h3>3rd in overall showmanship</h3><p>​<img alt="Two Bale Hay Trailor.jpg" src="/PublishingImages/Lists/latestnews/AllItems/Two%20Bale%20Hay%20Trailor.jpg" style="margin:5px;" /><img alt="Award.jpg" src="/PublishingImages/Lists/latestnews/AllItems/Award.jpg" style="margin:5px;" /><img alt="Award_2.jpg" src="/PublishingImages/Lists/latestnews/AllItems/Award_2.jpg" style="margin:5px;" /></p></div>
Morton Ranch Students take Innovate Approach to Replacing Greenhouses Morton Ranch Students take Innovate Approach to Replacing Greenhouses 2017-11-15T16:55:08Z<div class="ExternalClass6473D204C305483C91C01F6B854228A1"><p>​<img src="/PublishingImages/MRHS%20-%20Katy%20Times%20Greenhouse.jpg" alt="3 Katy ISD empolyees & 2 Ag students in the Ag shop" style="margin:5px;" /></p><p>“This has all come together because we have taken an innovative approach to replacing things,” said Lance Nauman, Risk Management, Katy ISD. “It’s innovative, it’s collaborative.”</p><p>Nauman is referring to the greenhouse at Stanley Elementary, 26633 Cinco Terrace Dr., Katy. Nauman, Guy James, KISD Ag Specialist; Charlie Boyce, FFA teacher at Morton Ranch High School, the KISD Maintenance Department, along with students in Boyce’s Ag Mechanic classes at Morton Ranch, not only replaced the destroyed greenhouse, but also built a second one.</p><p>“The downstream impact on investment to the district is not just simply buying another greenhouse; it’s the educational experience, the collaboration between the ESC, the campus. It’s the way it should be,” said James.</p><div data-region="fixed-big-ad-top-asset" data-refreshable="true"></div><div class="tncms-region hidden-print"></div><p>The district saved $8-9,000 by teaching and letting the students build the structures.</p><p>“It doubled the footprint, doubled the facility at Stanley Elementary that they had before,” added Boyce.</p><p>“When Guy came to me to build the greenhouse for Stanley, he gave me some basic information about the size, and we went from there,” said Boyce. “Simplicity is the biggest part … 8 feet tall, 16 feet long, 8 feet wide; that way you have no waste whenever you’re cutting the material.”</p><p>Dustin Johannsen was one of the Morton Ranch students involved in the project.</p><p>“I was in a block class at the time, a two period course out of my school day versus one that a normal student takes, one period. We went into the Ag Mechanics (shop) after lunch every day, worked, and we built all sorts of projects. These greenhouses were one of them,” Johannsen said. “We built the frames inside the shop. We had to take into consideration the size of the shop bay doors to make sure we could get it out of the shop when finished. We took a whole lot of things into consideration.”</p><p>Joshua Carney, another student said he had never built anything like this before. The framework was built out of square tubing.</p><p>“I thought it was pretty cool. Teacher helped out a lot,” Carney said.</p><p>Boyce explained to the entire class what they were about to undertake. What kind of material would be used and dimensions. Each person in the entire class made a drawing of the building and put together their idea of what it would cost to build it, including material, hardware, and what it would cost in labor if they were a company bidding the job.</p><p>“He already made his cost estimate, and he wanted us to do the same,” said Johannsen. “We went back over our bid, and he explained to us how his made better sense. My original was wrong, I had to go back and listen to him re-explain (every thing). There were a few people in the class that were actually on the dot, bid it the same as him. It was really cool to go and do that as a class.”</p><div data-region="fixed-big-ad-middle-asset" data-refreshable="true"></div><div class="tncms-region hidden-print"></div><p>Boyce said that the cost is the biggest surprise to the kids…”real world applications.”</p><p>“We cut all the parts for both of them, but kept them separated,” said Johannsen. “We laid everything out in shop. As we built one, we kind of just figured it out, figured the best way to do things. It just made building the second one easier.”</p><p>“Out of 10 kids in the block class, you will have three or four who do the cutting; three or four will tack up the frames and two or three that will do the welding,” Boyce said of the construction sequence. “I know these kids, get to know them, and get to know what they are good at.”</p><p>Once everything was signed off on, James said it took about two weeks to build the greenhouses. KISD Maintenance moved the completed structures to Stanley and set them up.</p><p>“The best part was that this started over in the administration building as a project that students were to build at Morton Ranch and would be used by students at Stanley,” said James. “It encompassed the entire school district, from administration down to the elementary school, and we saved close to $9,000. We saved money by using the resources here at the school.”</p><p>Morton Ranch principal, Julie Hinson, said she was proud of the FFA program at Morton Ranch.</p><p>“We have a horticulture class. How much can you really learn without being able to grow something? We know how to do it; let’s build one for our school.” Boyce replied, “We are going to build one more this year, and this one will be for the Morton Ranch High School campus.”</p></div>
Katy ISD FFA Livestock Show ResultsKaty ISD FFA Livestock Show Results2017-06-22T21:11:14Z<div class="ExternalClassE5D3BA4CB9C94E30BAFA1E0C104144FC"><p>​Congratulations to our Katy ISD FFA students!  The 2017 KISD FFA Livestock Show brought in approximately $557,000.00.  This year's livestock show consisted of 474​​​ exhibitors.  </p><p>Top live auction winners include:</p><p>Rabbits</p><ul><li>Grand Champion, Tess Gazaw                      $5,000.00</li><li>Reserve Champion, Colby Brast                  $4,999.00</li></ul><p>Broilers</p><ul><li>Grand Champion, Sarah Summers             $5,000.00</li><li>Reserve Champion, Shyann Coppens      $4,999.00</li></ul><p>Goat</p><ul><li>Grand Champion, Drew Douglass             $8,500.00</li><li>Reserve Champion, Desiree Amstutz     $5,000.00</li></ul><p>Lamb</p><ul><li>Grand Champion, Makena Farmer           $5,000.00</li><li>Reserve Champion, Kayla Powers            $4,999.00</li></ul><p>Hog</p><ul><li>Grand Champion, Davi Wood                       $9,000.00</li><li>Reserve Champion, Jaxon Zeller                $8,999.00</li></ul><p>Steer</p><ul><li>Grand Champion, Mandi Lee                        $13,500.00</li><li>Reserve Champion, Madison Bihm           $8,000.00</li></ul><p>Approximately 19,000 people were in attendance over the four day events that included the FFA Livestock Show, Rodeo performances and the Special Rodeo.  </p><p>Thank you to all of the sponsors, volunteers, students, teachers, parents and the community for their support of Katy ISD FFA and in helping the 2017 Livestock Show be such a success!</p></div>

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